Agony in the Garden (Bellini)

Artist: The Italian Renaissance master Giovanni Bellini
Year: 1849-50

The Agony in the Garden is painting completed around 1459-65 by the Italian Renaissance painter Giovanni Bellini. Today, it is housed in the National Gallery, London. In the painting, Christ is kneeling on the Mount of Olives in position of praying and his disciples Peter, James are sitting and John sleeping is near to them. Here the treatment of dawn is very significant. The painting has similarities of painting of an Italian painter Andrea Mantegna.

The painting is believed to be owned by Consul Smith in Venice in 1770 and in 1795 the work was taken at the Joshua Reynolds sale by William Beckford and sold for £5. In 1823 it was sold once again to Beckford at the Fonthill Sale for £52.10s. In 1863, finally National Gallery purchased the painting for £630, which is still considered to low in comparison the significance of the painting.