Auguste Strobl

Artist: Joseph Karl Stieler

Year: 1826 and 1827

Born: 24 June 1807 – Died: 22 January 1871

On December 1826, first version - Auguste Strobl

On January 1827, second version- Auguste Strobl

Auguste Strobl was a German woman of the 19th century and the daughter of a royal chief accountant. Ludwig I of Bavaria, the German king of Bavaria, enlisted her among 36 most beautiful women in the Gallery of Beauties.

She was portrayed by a German painter Joseph Karl Stieler with the permission of Ludwig but how she came to his attention is uncertain. She was portrayed for twice to revise the first version in which her neck seemed to be over-emphasized. Ludwig decided to include the both version of painting but he changed his decision and gave the second version. In 1976, the painting was found in art market and purchased by Munich’s Residenzmuseum. In 1831, she married the forester Hilber von Ergoldsbach, and had 5 children. Any further details of her life are not known.