Caroline Lizius

Artist: Joseph Karl Stieler

Year: 1843

Caroline Lizius, who was believed to be born around 1825, was one of the most beautiful women to be immortalized in the “Gallery of Beauties” of Ludwig I of Bavaria. The painting was completed in 1843 when Caroline Lizius was 18 years old. The first one was done in 1841 when she was 16. This painting is one of the two paintings finished by Joseph Karl Stieler. In 1842 Ludwig called her to be most beautiful women in Munich. Ludwig gave her 24000 gulden, which is equal to more than three million dollars, which is believed to given her as dowry and if not married then for her rest life. Her name was last mentioned in 1904 in the Munich phonebook and it is believed in the same year she died. Nothing much is known about her personal life.

picsource: flickr