Christ in the House of His Parents

Artist: An English painter John Everett Millais
Year: 1849-50

Christ in the House of His Parents, which portrays the Holy Family in Saint Joseph’s carpentry workshop, was extremely controversial at its first public appearance for several things including the dust, filth and detritus on the floor, the portrayal of Jesus and his family. The painting is currently located in the Tate Britain in London.

In the painting, the young Jesus is helping Joseph in his workshop in making a door on his carpentry work-table. The cut and slight reddish on his hand symbolizes the stigmata, and the crucifixion. Saint Anne is shown to be removing the nail with a pair of pincers and his regard for mother Mary is showing through a gentle kiss when Joseph checks his wounded hand. The young John the Baptist is standing far with water bowl in his hand to wash the wound that symbolizes the later baptism of Christ. There are several things in background that symbolizes something including ladder leaning against the back wall is referring to Jacob’s ladder; a dove is resting on the ladder symbolizes the Holy spirit’s rests on it; the sheep in the fold represent for the future Christian flock.

The style of the painting shows the influence of John Rogers Herbert’s painting “Our Saviour Subject to His Parents at Nazareth”.

Source/Photographer: Google Art ProjectHome