Cornelia Vetterlein

Artist: Joseph Karl Stieler
Year: 1828
Born: 25 December, 1812 – Died: 5 March, 1862

Cornelia Vetterlein was born on 25 December, 1812 on holy Christmas Day near Bayreuth in Upper Franconia, which is the northern region of Bavaria. She was the granddaughter of Bayreuth Court Gardner Schneider and the daughter of State Councillor Vetterlein. She married Imperial Baron Franz Ludwig von Künsberg in 1843 and she had a daughter.

This portrait was completed in 1828 by Joseph Stieler when Cornelia Vetterlein was 16 years old. In the portrait she is wearing the traditional German Lady of the Castle. Almost all portraits have important background to symbolize something and in this painting, background is done with the castle far behind that symbolizes constancy.

picsource: flickr
Infosource: flickr