Madonna and Child with Saints Luke and Catherine of Alexandria

Artist: Titian

Year: 1546

The Madonna and Child with Saints Luke and Catherine of Alexandria, which is otherwise known as Holy Conversation, was executed around 1560 by the greatest Italian painter Titian. It was the painting when Titian was at the pinnacle of his artistic career, powers as well as fame. In the painting, Jesus Christ is shown as a baby stretching his towards Catherine, who is in position of leaning gently towards Him to make him touch her. It is believed the painting was done for the artist’s friend, the Dondi dell’Orologio family ofPadua. The painting is one of his many versions of the canonical image of the Madonna and Child. The painting was rarely exhibited publicly and after 1970 the painting was shown in 2011 for auction.

In 2011, on January 28, the painting accomplished the highest auction rate of $16.9 million ever for one of Titian’s works. It was sold at Sotheby’s to a European telephone bidder. Before auction, the painting was possessions of Gerlinda Kisters, who inherited the work from her husband, Heinz Kisters, who died in 1977.

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