Madonna with Child and Saints (Filippino Lippi)

Artist: The ItalianRenaissance painter Filippino Lippi
Year: 1490-1493

The Madonna with St. Catherine of Alexandria and St. Martin of Tours is an oil painting, which is assumed to be completed between 1490 and 1493, by the Italian Renaissance painter Filippino Lippi. Some researcher have also doubted the painting to be finished by 1494 due to its reference to the presence of Charles VIII of France in the city. The several ornamentations including the goat head on the Virgin’s seat, the frieze in the loggia’s pilasters, and the frieze with the fight of the Tritons indicate to the classical antiquities. The painting is also popular by its commissioners’ name such as Tanai de’ Nerli and his wife Nanna as Pala de’ Nerli. Currently it is located in the church of Santo Spirito of Florence.

Source: Wikipedia