Marianna Marquesa Florenzi

Artist: Joseph Karl Stieler
Year: 1831
Born: 1802 – Died: 15 April 1870, Florence

Marianna Marquesa Florenzi (married name – Marianna Florenzi Waddington) was an Italian well-educated woman as well as translator of philosophical works for which she was known as witty and ideal female in social gatherings and salons. She was also one of the 19th century’s first students who completed her degree in natural science from the University of Perugia. Leibniz’s Monadology is among one of her translations into Italian language and in 1850, Some reflections on socialism and communism which is located on the church’s Index Librorum Prohibitorum with some of her other contributions. She supported Italy’s national-movement and published.

She was daughter of count Bacinetti of Ravenna. She was one of the close friends and lover of Ludwig I of Bavaria for almost 40 long years. They shared several letters; Marianna Marquesa sent him 3000 and received 1500 survived answers from king.

Infosource and picsource: wikipedia