Pastoral Concert


Artist: Titian or Giorgione

Year: c. 1510

The Pastoral Concert, an oil painting, painted by one of the Italian masters Titian or Giorgione. The painting is housed in the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. It is known that the painting was inherited by the Gonzaga family from Isabella d’Este. the work was sold to Charles I of England and later to French banker Eberhard Jabach and later in 1671, the work was once again sold to Louis XIV of France. In 1863, French artist Edouard Manet was inspired by the painting and painted his Le déjeuner sur l’herbe.

The painting shows the pastoral idleness and three young people sitting idly on a lawn with the wide background and large landscape behind and a woman just next to them pouring water from a marble basin. Both the women are naked, while two men are dressed. It has been interpreted that the painting shows the ideal beauty or might be the subject has been taken from any poetry or any music or allegory.

Source/Photographer: Fortune City