Portrait of Vincenzo Mosti


Artist: Titian

Year: c. 1520

Portrait of Vincenzo Mosti is a painting which has been attributed to diverse artists in different times. In 1815, it was credited to the Venetian School and in 1829 it was attributed to an unknown artist and later it was believed to be finished by Titian around 1520. The painting is now in the Galleria Palatina of Florence, Italy.

The painting which has been stated to finish around 1526 might be the error of transcription of “6” in place of “0”. It was the portrait of Tommaso Mosti, who, according to inscription in the reverse, was a member of a family connected with the Este of Ferrara. It is assumed that Mosti had an ecclesiastical career but his costume does not support the fact so he might be the elder brother of Vincenzo or Agostino

Source/Photographer: The York Project:10.000 Meisterwerke der Malerei