Sacred and Profane Love


Artist: Titian

Year: c. 1513–1514

Sacred and Profane Love, an oil painting, was painted by Titian, around 1513–1514. The painting was authorized by a secretary to the Venetian Council of Ten named Niccolò Aurelio to mark his marriage to a young widow, Laura Bagarotto.

The painting is also known as the Venus and the Bride. Critics have diverse interpretations with this painting, some titled the painting as Ingenious Love and Satisfied Love, Prudery and Love, the wise and foolish virgins. Some art critics assume there is a coded message about Bagarotto’s father’s innocence hidden in the painting. Some called naked woman to be sacred love and the well dressed woman to be the Profane Love and some take in opposite direction. The title of the painting is also vague: the name of the wok was enlisted with the title Divine love and Profane love in 1693.

Source/Photographer: Erzalibillas, 2011-06-07