Salome (Titian)


Artist: Titian

Year: 1515

Salome is an oil painting by greatest Italian painter Titian around 1515. The painting has now received a place at the Doria Pamphilj Gallery in Rome.

The woman in the painting is believed to be the same woman appeared in some other painting Salome, Woman at the Mirror, and Flora, as well as some Holy Conversations. Before giving Titian as the real creditor of Salome in the late 19th century, some other greatest painters were credited to the painting including Titians master Giorgione and il Pordenone. In 1794 the painting became a part of the Doria Gallery from previous collections of prince Salviati, Christine of Sweden and of prince Odescalchi.

In the painting, Salome is standing in a dark room holding the head of St. John the Baptist, on the left side; an open blue sky is clearly visible. Salome is turning her half face to a young assistant and probably expressing something.

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