Tarquin and Lucretia (1515 painting)


Artist: Titian

Year: c. 1515

Tarquin and Lucretia is an oil painting by an Italian painter Titian, around 1515. Now it is housed at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. The painting is known as the part of Titian’s series of half-length female figures including the Woman with a Mirror at the Louvre, the Flora at the Uffizi, the Salome at the Galleria Doria Pamphilj, the Violante and the Young woman in a black dress in Vienna, and Vanity in Munich from 1514 to 1515. The painting, according to Ridolfi (an Italian art biographer as well as a painter belonged the Baroque period) in 1648, was in the collection of Charles I of England after buying from previous Gonzaga collection in Mantua.

The painting shows Lucretia, holding knife in her hand, trying to commit suicide to cover the shame at her rape by Tarquinius Superbus. She is looking at the divine illumination showering from above and assigning her the strength to commit suicide.

Source/Photographer: http://bilddatenbank.khm.at/viewArtefact?id=1934