The Three Ages of Man (Titian)


Artist: Titian

Year: c. 1512

The Three Ages of Man is a painting by Titian about 1512. It has been housed at the National Gallery of Scotland in Edinburgh. The idea behind the painting was more than only a landscape or people in the painting. “The Three Ages of Man” depicts feelings in different stage of life. To the very left, he has shown the joys and purity of youth and the angel above them is protecting their innocence and purity. At the very front, a girl, who is wearing an alluring dress, is provoking the firmly muscled male with giving him two flutes and urging him on with her “Siren’s song”. And in the background, a bit far beyond a breaded fragile old man holding skulls in hand showing the final stage of life, when all joys are declined and glory has disappeared. The painting has amazingly depicted the life and was revolutionary. The theme of the painting makes it immortal. However Titan was not given much credit for this masterpiece because Titian helped Giorgione finish his work. Titan did finish some of Giorgione’s unfinished works as Giorgione died of the plague in 1510 at age 33.

Source/Photographer: Web Gallery of Art