Venus of Urbino

Artist: Titian

Year: 1538

The Venus of Urbino is an oil painting by the Italian master Titian in 1538. In the painting the naked woman resting on the bed of considerably large and luxurious surroundings of a Renaissance palace has been symbolized as the goddess Venus. The figure’s style has the influence of Giorgione’s Sleeping Venus (c. 1510), which was finished by Titian after his death of plague. In this painting, keeping some other figures and indoor settings around, Titian has domesticated Venus, and made her sensuality explicit. Titian has freed its style from any classical or allegorical trappings –woman who has been imaged as Venus does not show any attribute of the goddess. She is relaxed and throwing a frank stare at the audience without having a slightest regard of her nudity. The painting is quite provocative and the dog lying behind her represents her infinity.

In 1534, the painting was commissioned by Guidobaldo II della Rovere, the Duke of Urbino, to celebrate his marriage. The painting has got its place at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

Source/Photographer: The York Project:10.000 Meisterwerke der Malerei