Woman with a Mirror


Artist: Titian

Year: c. 1512-1515

Woman with a Mirror is a painting by Titian, around 1512-1515 and it is now in the Louvre. It is believed that Charles I of England purchased the painting from the Gonzaga family’s collection in Mantua. Later, after Charles’ execution, Louis XIV of France bought it for the Palace of Versailles.

The woman in this portrait has not been identified properly. Some believe she is Titian’s lover, Alfonso d’Este’s lover Laura Dianti, or Federico Gonzaga’s lover Isabella Boschetti. Some predict her to be a model who appeared in some other paintings as same blond woman has been seen in the paintings like the Vanity in Munich, the Flora at the Uffizi, the Young woman in a black dress in Vienna and the Salome in the Galleria Doria Pamphilj, the Violante.

Source/Photographer: http://merovingio.c2rmf.cnrs.fr